The Office of Institutional Research (OIR) is responsible for campus-wide institutional research activities and initiatives, including the organization, collection and analysis of campus data in response to requests from internal and external organizations.

    UCSF in Quick Numbers

  • Total student and trainee population in fall 2016 is 5,785:
    • Students: 3,178 (excluding 209 off-campus in joint programs)
    • Medical, Dental and Pharmacy Residents & Fellows: 1,551
    • Postdoctoral Scholars: 1,056
  • Of the 936 new students in the fall 2016 entering class:
    • 65% were women
    • 56% were California residents
    • 27% were first in their generation to graduate from college
    • 50% were first in their generation to attend graduate school
  • Eleven percent of the new members in our community were born outside the U.S.  They came from 37 different countries.
  • In academic year 2015-16, we awarded 992 degrees, including 455 professional doctorates, 123 PhDs, 361 master's degrees, and 53 postgraduate certificates.
  • In fiscal year 2014-2015, UCSF's total research and development expenditure in life sciences research was $1,075,635 million, ranked #1 among all higher education institutions.

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