A Primer on Indirect Costs at UCSF

For many principal investigators, the issue of indirect costs can often represent everything frustrating about the modern mechanisms of funding scientific research. An interactive dashboard was built to help PIs get acquainted with the topic. The concept and components of indirect costs, the process of indirect cost reimbursement rate development, the impact of research portfolio on a PI's indirect cost rate, and the distribution of indirect costs recovered are the main contents of the dashboard. The Budget and Resource Management Office provided data and content expertise in the process of building the dashboard.

Food Security at UCSF: Spring 2015 Student Survey

As part of the University of California Global Food Initiative that aims to ensure that students on UC campuses have food security while taking on the bigger issue of hunger around the world, a food security survey was administered at UCSF in the spring quarter 2015. The survey results shed light on the scope of food security issues on campus, help identify at-risk populations, and provide contextual information for planning and budgeting of financial support for our students.

Data Visualization of Winter 2015 Survey of Student Cost of Living

In response to the rising cost of living in the San Francisco Bay Area and the increasing concern over the financial needs of students at UCSF, a survey was conducted to further understand our students’ living arrangements and expenses. The results are presented here in a story board where viewers can visually explore the data.

Applications of Social Network Analysis in Institutional Research

This article introduces social network analysis (SNA) to institutional researchers as a promising new research methodology. With its unique approach to exploring, analyzing, and presenting data, SNA has great potential for advancing IR’s analytical capacity. The article received a Charles F. Elton Best Paper award from the Association of Institutional Research.