WASC reaffirmed UCSF's accreditation on March 7, 2011. WASC provided an action letter and a statement of accreditation status.

Reaccreditation was a three-stage process that took place over three years:

  1. The development of an Institutional Proposal, which established the framework that connected UCSF's priorities and context with the WASC Standards. WASC approved UCSF's Institutional Proposal in July, 2007.
  2. The preparation of a Capacity and Preparatory Review (CPR), which described the organizational capacity of the campus (e.g., resources, structure, and processes). UCSF's site visit for this review took place on February 17-19, 2009. See the site visit team's report.
  3. The final stage was the Educational Effectiveness Review (EER), which focused on student and organizational learning across UCSF, addressed educational objectives and included indicators of effectiveness. UCSF's site visit for this review took place October 13-15, 2010.