Educational Effectiveness Review

Submitted to WASC: August 4, 2010
Site visit scheduled: October 13 - 15, 2010

 The Educational Effectiveness Review has three purposes:

  1. To demonstrate how educational effectiveness is evaluated at the institution, particularly the process of program review and how the assessment of student learning is used to improve teaching and learning
  2. To demonstrate how institutional resources are utilized to achieve educational objectives
  3. To respond to the guiding recommendations made by the WASC Commission following the CPR site visit

UCSF's Educational Effectiveness Review (EER) was developed by the 2010 WASC Steering Committee chaired by Joseph Castro, then vice provost for Student Academic Affairs and special assistant to the chancellor, and Sally Marshall, vice provost for Academic Affairs. The 2010 Committee included representatives from the four professional schools, the Graduate Division, the Staff Council, the student leadership, the campus library, and four Academic Senate committees.

The EER has three major sections — the EER report itself, the Appendices and Internet Citations to the Report, and the required Data Exhibits for the Report.

Essays for each of the three themes identified in the Institutional Proposal (Learning Environment, Student Learning Outcomes, Diversity), and a Concluding Essay were developed. Two new essays, one on Institutional Research and another on New Enhancements to Student Services, were added.

Presentations about the EER were made to all school faculty councils and to staff and student groups. The WASC web pages (formerly on the Student Academic Affairs website) were updated in August, 2010.